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Thanks so much for your interest in our church.  At Canvas we work hard to create a transparent culture where you can come as you are, no matter what your past experience with church is.  We love to say that we are a church of REAL people with REAL lives, learning to follow Jesus together. 

What To Expect

What happens at a church service?
Church is people, not a place. We gather together each week as people with real lives, learning and trying together to follow Jesus. Our normal liturgy is Welcome, 3 songs, a sermon, and then we will take communion together. The entire service will last around 65 minutes.

What about my kids?
We love kids! Bring ’em along and know that we offer a safe, fun environment for them. We run Canvas Kids  during our 9:30am  service. Canvas Kids is two classes (Nursery/Pre-K & K-5th grade.  Middle and High School students are encouraged to attend services and attend one of our youth micro-churches. You can find out more information on our "Students" Page.

What should I wear?
We believe that God looks at the heart, not the outfit.  We love the variety of people that God has brought to our church from tattooed bikers to business professionals. Please dress in a way that makes you comfortable and come with a heart to encounter God.

We are BIG FANS of coffee. Bring you own, or grab a cup of ours...
If Pastor Ryan is preaching you will need it to stay awake...
(Let's hope he doesn't check this page on the website)!

I don’t believe in God; am I still welcome?
Absolutely! We’re all on a spiritual journey. Bring your questions, objections & doubts and here at Canvas you’ll find a safe, welcoming community.
What denomination are you?
Canvas is an independent church. Feel free to check out our beliefs, too.

Is this some sort of cult?
Uh, no. We encourage critical thought and find that the more we follow Jesus, the more freedom and grace we experience.

Please check out COVID-19 Page to see if our in-person services have been effected. 

When we Meet

Sunday Mornings


Where we Meet

Alamo Drafthouse
181 Kernstown Commons Blvd,
Winchester, VA 22602

How To Contact Us

Curious about attending, but still have some questions? Fill out the form below and we will get back to you!